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Redsock Design is a lighting design studio. We have completed projects across every major city in Australia and New Zealand. Projects we have completed cover a broad range of sectors, High end residential, Multi-residential apartment complexes, retail store rolls outs and commercial projects. With an enormous portfolio comprising over 600 completed projects, redsocks is trusted by its clients and architects alike as a specialist in lighting. We are experienced in delivering exceptional lighting, on time and within budget while meeting every design brief.
We are unique in that we treat each project regardless of size with the same passion and focus.

In addition to the planning and design of artificial light, we also have partnered with many lighting companies that design exceptional luminaires, both decorative and technical.


Lighting is more then just a light..

Light is very special to us... we are after all in the business of light. Light is a unique medium in that it not only is a vital requirement to see, but also has a innate ability to control the mood of a space.

As lighting designers, light is a tool we harness to make sure spaces are not just well lit, but are also an environment that well be a pleasure to live or work in.

Light should be experienced and not necessarily seen. We want to give you the best result while providing the lowest glare, or trying to completely removing the LED diodes from your field of vision completely. The atmosphere of light is our primary goal, we then selected the least intrusive, most visually pleasing solutions to achieve this.

We work with a wide range of technical and decorative lighting manufacturers to make sure we have every tool possible to craft the perfect space for your project.

There is always however more that goes into selecting the right luminare for your project. We pride ourselves on having deep knowledge of available options, both in performance and technical details. Sometimes you are limited by physical construction restraints or needing to comply to specific LUX levels or energy efficacy standards, we can craft an amazing space that meet your requirements.

We are versed in working alongside architects to help craft their vision using both natural and artificial light in combination. We ensure to deliver lighting packages that compliment both in function and aesthetics, their vision.

Our Process

Initial Concept & Planning

At this stage we liase with clients to determine what they need.

  • Define scope of works
  • Develop concept
  • mood board creation
  • Lighting layout
  • schedule of luminares
  • Cost estimate

Nuts & Bolts Time

Here we get into the weeds to make sure our proposal will work in every regard for the client.

  • Datasheets and technical specifications on each selection
  • Control gear allocated for bluetooth and RGBW options
  • Lux calulations
  • J6 calculations
  • Design reports

Construction Documents

  • Final specs
  • Detailed Lighting Plan
  • Final Lux Reports
  • Detailed Track Layouts and components
  • Design of lighting scenes
  • Notes for electrical contractors for any specialty products (1-10V for example)

Site Inspection Final Adjustments

  • Final adjustments to directional fittings