Lighting Design

Lighting Design Packages

Any lighting solution starts out with a vision

Light can completely transform the feel and mood of any space, either for better or worse...

Were here to make sure your lighting exsentuates and design elements of your build and crafts a space that you will love to live in.

Working with our lighting consultants, we will go through the ins and outs of your project. Starting with sitting down with you and defining the scope of your project. We then work on a lighting proposal that will function and look incredible. We provide a schedule of luminares, lighting layouts, tachnical datasheets and mood boards to help you visualise how the space will look and feel. 3D models, Lighting scene simulations and Lux reports are optunal extras that are also available for extra sertantity.

** Lighting design packages are completly refundable off lighting purchases ** See each package for terms and conditions

Lighting is more then just a light..

Light is very special to us... we are after all in the business of light. Light is a unique medium in that it not only is a vital requirement to see but also has an innate ability to control the mood of a space. .